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Currently Living in Granada Nicaragua as an Expat


Buying existing Restaurants The primary question is: Why does the current owner want to sell the restaurant? • Is the country of your choice dependent on Tourism? o What is the forecast for years to come, is the government promoting the country’s tourism sector? o Do your own research– US government’s bulletin, world organizations, and local reputable consultant’s • How is the political situation in the country of your choice? • Need to look at least how long and can it be reorganized (need to be at least 5 years or more). • Need to look at the books, which are audited and given to the government at the end of each month, plus the end of the year. Do not believe the amount owners tell you. • Are the lease payment up to date and all paid for? • To look at NR one are all licenses – Taxes paid and valid. • Meet other restaurant and bar owners and have conversations with them. Check and observe the people who are coming to the restaurants (Do not believe everything they say, form your own opinion). Things we can do for you in Nicaragua 1. Help you find the right location– anywhere in the country of Nicaragua a. Purchase the property – where the restaurant is located b. Purchase the hotel property or resort property c. Get you the right price in today’s market d. If you would like to purchase the land and build your own resort, we can connect you with the right contractors and provide legal advise to finalize your dream e. Know the right and honest lawyer to see if the purchase is legal (which can be a big problem in this country) 2. Negotiate the lease of a nonexistent restaurant; renegotiate a lease of an existing restaurant; help you buy an existing restaurant (Lawyer, accounting, government) 3. Get you in touch with a builder to build a new restaurant, help you design the interiors, and get you in touch with a restaurant equipment company to furnish the place a. Help you find the best concept and refine it b. Get all legal papers to operate a business (lawyer) c. Set up accounts for your business d. Get you set up with purveyors: Beer, alcohol, wine, and food. This is not as easy as you think, nobody will knock on your door to offer their goods; you need to find them e. Find competent employees, you may think with so many people out of work, it will be no problem – think again f. Get the paperwork for employees ready to enable them to work with you after they are hired g. Work with you on a manual i. Service: front of the house, wait-persona, bartender ii. Kitchen: cooks, cook helper’s, dishwasher iii. Recipes of all foods iv. Recipes of all drinks v. Service manual 4. Provide training a. Cooks b. Front of the house c. Work with your staff as long as you need it when the restaurant, hotel, or resort begins operations.

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